Types of Grant 

We offer two types of grant:
Tier 1 for funding up to £500. Tier 2 for funding up to £1000.
Applications for both tiers are submitted online.

Tier 1: Grants up to £500

In a 12 month period we will fund a minimum of 10 Tier 1 Grants. To ensure fairness we can only award one grant per applicant per calendar year.

Timeline for Tier 1 Grants

Tier 1 Grant applications are fast-tracked for review and we endeavour to notify applicants of the outcome of their application within 14 days of submission.
If successful, we endeavour to pay grants within 10 days, following receipt of a completed acceptance form including all required supporting information and references. 

Tier 2: Grants up to £1000

In a 12 month period we will fund a minimum of 5 Tier 2 Grants. To ensure fairness we can only award one grant per applicant per calendar year.

Timeline for Tier 2 Grants 

We endeavour to notify Tier 2 applicants of the outcome of their submission within 21 days of submission.  
If successful, we endeavour to pay grants within 21 days, following receipt of a completed acceptance form including all required supporting information and references. 


Before applying for a Superbia Grant, you need to make sure that your project is eligible for funding:

The Superbia Grants programme supports work such as arts and cultural activity, debate and conversation, health and well-being, projects which raise awareness of LGBT+ issues, and projects which promote a message to challenge discrimination.

We only fund work that will take place in Greater Manchester and work that is by, for, or primarily about LGBT+ people.

We can fund individual artists or creatives, constituted not-for-profit organisations, groups, and statutory bodies. This might include arts organisations; event organisers, producers or curators; voluntary organisations; local charities; and/or community groups.

We can provide funding to cover costs of specific elements in the delivery of your project. This might include artist and facilitator fees, project materials, space hire, transport costs that ensure participation, and so on.

What we are unable to fund:

  • Salaries for existing staff or operational staff at your organisation.
  • Food and drink.
  • Out of pocket expenses.
  • Contingency costs and VAT that you can recover.
  • Projects involving travel to another country.
  • Sponsorship, endowments or loan repayments.


We want to help you submit the best application you can. If you have questions or queries or need assistance please email greg@manchesterpride.com

Plan your project

Grant applications are more likely to be successful if they can show that your project has been carefully thought through. We will assess your application against four key areas, so please consider the following:

  • You know how much your entire project will cost and can demonstrate which of these specific costs your Superbia Grant is intended to cover.
  • You understand why the project/event or initiative is necessary, original or desirable.
  • You have a god idea of the benefits and impact your project will have. For example, the number of audience or participants, who they might be, how it will benefit them, etc.
  • You know exactly how you will deliver the project and measure its success. We’re eager to see the difference that our funding makes, so your application should indicate the positive impacts of your project/initiative/event on members of the LGBT+ community, including yourself where applicable.

Supporting documents

You will need a bank account in the name of the applicant or organisation and the name, plus address of a relevant referee. You may also include supporting links or documents that you feel may support your application.

Best value

For the hire or purchase of materials and equipment we encourage you to get prices from a selection of suppliers to ensure you are getting the best possible price. If you are part of an organisation, you should ensure it effectively manages any conflicts of interest between trustees, directors or members of your organisation, and suppliers of goods and services.

After you have applied

Once you have submitted your application, we will check it is complete and that you’ve sent all the necessary information. If anything is missing we will contact you to request it. Once we have received everything we will assess your application. We do this in 2 stages. Firstly we check if your application is eligible for funding. If not, we cannot consider your project further. For projects that are eligible we aim to provide a funding decision as soon as possible. Please see the timeline information at the top of this page. Please be aware our grants programme has limited funds and we sometimes have to turn down eligible and fundable projects simply because we don’t have enough money to support everything we would like to.

If you are successful

If you are awarded a grant, you will receive confirmation of your award along with a grant acceptance form which you must complete and submit in order to receive your grant. The grant is paid directly to your nominated bank account. We request that you keep records of all receipts and evidences of expenditure. Payments for goods and services should be made, wherever possible, from the organisation’s bank account as we may request bank statements to verify claims for payments. As part of your grant acceptance you agree to promote Superbia at Manchester Pride as a funding body/supporter of the work you have successfully received grant funding for. This includes recognition in any press releases, social media posts and logo accreditation on all promotional materials and websites.

Measuring success

We would like to see how our grant has helped make your project a success in terms of desired outcomes. To do this, we request that you evaluate your aims, objectives and outcomes throughout the planning and delivery stages of your project. It’s important for us to see the positive impact the project has on people, based on enjoyment, health and wellbeing, informal learning, participation and engagement. As part of your grant acceptance, you agree to carry out an evaluation of your project and submit evidence to support your findings.


Manchester Pride reserves the right to fund your Superbia Grant request either in full or in part.

Your Superbia Grant must be used for the items specified in your application. If these items change, permission must be sought from Manchester Pride prior to reallocating funding. If permission is not sought, Manchester Pride reserves the right to reclaim your grant.

You must accept the grant offer within 4 weeks of receiving your acceptance form. You can do this by email or by post.

You must acknowledge the grant award publicly, using the guidelines and logos provided by Manchester Pride.

For successful Tier 2 applications, we may withhold 25% of your grant until evidence of expenditure for the approved purposes is provided. Manchester Pride may take action to recover a Superbia Grant if any of the following events occur:

  • You cease to operate as a sole trader, group, organisation, project or initiative.
  • You use the grant for any purpose other than that outlined in your application without prior approval from Manchester Pride.
  • You have supplied us with information that is incorrect or misleading.
  • You are declared bankrupt, become insolvent or if any order is passed for you to go into administration.
  • You act in a manner which may be deemed damaging to your reputation or the reputation of Manchester Pride.

Additional conditions for organisations

You must notify us as soon as possible of any investigation concerning your organisation, trustee, directors, employees or volunteers carried out by the police, Charity Commission, HM Revenue & Customs or other regulatory body.


If successful in receiving a Superbia Grant, you will be required to carry out a short evaluation of your project and how our funding supported your outcomes, either through an online form or in person.

By submitting your application you are confirming that you agree to abide by all of these terms and conditions.

By submitting your application, you agree to acknowledge the contribution Manchester Pride has made as a result of you receiving this grant.

Please note:

The decision to accept or decline a grant application is at the discretion of the board of trustees at Manchester Pride.

All decisions are final.

Manchester Pride cannot guarantee to provide feedback for unsuccessful grant applications.