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Sapphormation 2018

  • LGBT+ Centre 49-51 Sidney Street Manchester M1 7HB (map)

The theme for this year’s Sapphormation is “Defiance”.

“We want to recognise the defiance of women-loving-women in a range of ways and to celebrate the contributions that these women have made, and continue to make, in modern times.”

In 1918 some women were given the right to vote for their MP, in the UK, for the first time. This right was hard-won and many women suffered greatly in the struggle for the vote. The suffragettes that we generally remember are the most famous, but there were hundreds of others, who are less well-known. All of these can be understood as women-loving-women, as they were giving up their freedom for the rights of all women. At the General Election in December of 1918 women also stood for election for the first time. In Manchester, Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence stood unsuccessfully in the Rusholme constituency and polled 2,985 votes, for Labour.

In 2018, Sapphormation aims to celebrate the defiance of the suffragettes and the women who stood as candidates. Sapphormation provides the opportunity to come together to remember these women, but also to celebrate with workshops, art, crafts and poetry that honours defiant women who love women.

See below for a timetable of events:

Earlier Event: November 2
Later Event: November 3
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