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An LGBT+/Queer Film Festival for Manchester

  • Number 70 Oxford Street Manchester Metropolitan University United Kingdom (map)

This is a free afternoon workshop, funded and facilitated by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and taking place at No. 70 Oxford St, Manchester Metropolitan University.

The event will provide a forum for all interested parties to come together and discuss the desire/need for an LGBT+/Queer Film Festival for Manchester, and to share ideas for what that might look like and how it might be programmed and executed. Enthusiasm is equal to expertise! 

The event will include: 

  • Introductions and welcomes.

  • Presentations from 3 invited speakers.

  • Talking circle: an open ideas conversation. Attendees are invited to consider a few points for discussion in advance:

    • What might an LGBT+/Queer Film Festival for Manchester mean for you?

    • What film festivals have you experienced and enjoyed, and why?

    • Whatkind of things would you like to see included in an LGBT+/Queer Film Festival?

    • How might you imagine a festival could operate in Manchester?

  • Workshops: attendees will divide into groups and draw up fantasy plans based on the information and ideas circulated in the presentations and talking circle. Groups are then invited to present their proposals and ideas in as informal and fun a way as they like.

  • Summary and ideas/plans for the future.


  • Drinks and snacks.

  • Good company.

  • Welcoming atmosphere.