Enjoy Bi poetry on Bisexual Visibility Day


This year at The Superbia Weekend we celebrated 25 years of BiPhoria, Manchester’s social and support group for the bisexual community, with a series of events and artistic commissions celebrating bisexual life, creativity and visibility.

One of our commissions brought together six bi/pan poets from Manchester, who each offered a reading of one of their works, creating an intimate audio installation for The Superbia Gallery.

The work was co-curated with the poets themselves and was recorded and edited by musician and artist, Abigail Ward. Over 300 visitors visited our gallery over The Superbia Weekend.

The contributing poets are Helen Darby, Drew Lawson, Afshan D’souza-Lodhi, Maz Hedghehog, J Lythgoe and Bonnie Hancell. You can read more about them and their work below.

We’d like to thank all our talented artists for contributing to this work and we hope you all enjoy listening to this brilliant collection of poetry to celebrate bi visibility, today and every day.

The Poets

J Lythgoe is a queer, nonbinary performance artist. Their work invites audiences into pop-culture inspired fantasies for enjoyment, catharsis and relief from reality's many indignities. 

Afshan D’souza-Lodhi is Editor in Chief of The Common Sense Network. Afshan is an award-winning writer of plays and poetry, and was recently commissioned to write and direct a short film for Channel 4. She has completed residencies at Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester Literature Festival and has worked with Eclipse Theatre, Tamasha Theatre Company and Paul Burston’s Polari. Afshan has edited many anthologies and has an essay featured in Picador's collection by Muslim women called 'It’s Not About The Burqa'.  As well as her own writing, Afshan is keen to develop other younger and emerging artists and sits on the boards of Manchester Literature Festival and Brighter Sound. www.afshan.info @afshandl 

Drew Lawson (they/them) is a Manchester based nonbinary performance poet, playwright and formerly floppy-haired idiot who consistently fails to dress for the weather.

“Drew Lawson is devoid of bullshit, oblivious to preconceptions and ready to kick down barriers the within the first nanosecond of a poem.” – Geneviève L. Walsh, poet & founder of Spoken Weird & Spoken Queered.

“Sublime, honest and, occasionally, fantastically dark.” –   Dermot Glennon, poet.


Helen Darby is a poet from Manchester who has been appearing at spoken words nights around the North West since 2018. Her red-pill poems will wet your eyes, offer Kleenex, then slice your fingertips off with Stanley knives, so you can touch pain in ways you've never imagined. She has performed invited guest slots at Lancaster Spotlight, That's What She Said Manchester, Superbia for Manchester Pride, Manchester Museum, New Mills Festival, Stirred and the Fight Like a Girl cancer charity night at the Kings Arms in Salford.
helendarbypoetry.com  helen@malarky.org  @helenlouisedarby

Bonnie Hancell is a Queer/Trans poet and artist from the North of England. She studied Fine Art at Manchester School of Art and has been published by Pilot PressPenny Thoughts, Dread and New River Press, who described her work as "a sub-genre of erotic poetry that is shocking, frequently violent, but also always romantic and vulnerable. It's a world of S&M filled with authentic love". Through poetry Bonnie attempts to communicate authentic experiences of queer love, fetishism, and the trans body. She is currently working on her first collection.

Maz Hedgehog is a black bi poet and performer. Her work, which has appeared in publications like Fiyah and 3 Drops from a Cauldron, is heavily influenced by fantasy and folklore. She's performed on stages from Edinburgh to Brighton, and her debut chapbook Vivat Regina is available now, published in partnership with Superbia and Young Enigma. https://mazhedgehogpoet.wordpress.com/

Phoebe Woodall