Very Merry Interactive Camp as Christmas 'Home Alone' Screening

Very Merry Interactive Camp as Christmas 'Home Alone' Screening

10 Dec - 10 Dec

It's very nearly Christmas - and nobody wants to be all alone at Christmas - so come join Manchester's big queer film club for one of their world famous interactive showings...and what festive film deserves the hands on treatment more than Chris Colombus and John Hughes' holiday home invasion comedy Home Alone. 

It's 25 years since Home Alone was released and have you ever wondered what happened to Kevin? Maybe he turned into Violet Blonde? We'll be reuniting Kevin with his drag Mom (Grace Oni Smith) live on stage and some drama is gonna go down Jeremy Kyle style! 

There'll be booby traps, a Christmas party soundtrack (by Drunk At Vogue's Thom Docking), a 90s nostalgia Christmas gift tombola and we're even going to get a visit from a real life Crazy Pedros pizza delivery boy (serving us cheese pizza and pepsi) - keep the change ya filthy animal! 

It's gonna be a wild start to the most wonderful time of year and we'll be donating a couple of quid from your ticket to LGBT Homeless Charity The Albert Kennedy Trust on your behalf to make sure we help out our queer sisters and brothers who are less fortunate than us at this time of year. 

So come join us for Christmas festivities at new multimedia venue Texture in the Northern Quarter. 18+ only.