Too Punk To Be Queer

Too Punk To Be Queer

25th February 2018 @ 04:00pm

When did Punk go Queer? 

RebelDykes and Bollox wrap you in a comfy punk afternoon at the pictures, with history, music and film. 

This is the first British cinema showing of a new documentary Queercore: How To Punk A Revolution that captures a moment of queer punk history, the story of american Queercore, with John Waters, Justin Vivian Bond, Lynn Breedlove, Silas Howard, Pansy Division, Penny Arcade, Kathleen Hanna and Kim Gordon.  

The film's director with Yony Leyser will be talking with Susan O'Shea and Kath McDermott about the queer punk history. There'll be a blast from the present with Guest Stars Queen Zee & The Sasstones playing live, and a few surprises too!

HOME, Tony Wilson Place, M15 4FN Manchester, United Kingdom