12th February 2017 @ 10:30am

'The Revenge of the Perverts' is a historical reference inspired by the 1982 collaborative documentary film Framed Youth: Revenge of the Teenage Perverts produced by the London Lesbian and Gay Youth Video Project. It featured gay and lesbian teenagers interviewing straight people on the streets of London about their views on homosexuality. Channel 4 funded the film’s development and its transmission in 1986 is said to mark the emergence of gay and lesbian programming on the TV station. The film also launched the music career of pop star Jimmy Somerville and filmmaker and artist Isaac Julien.

2017 marks 50 years since England and Wales partially decriminalised gay sex between consenting men. Queer Media will commemorate the anniversary through MobDoc, their LGBT+ mobile filmmaking workshop. 

MobDoc involves practical exercises that focus on teaching ways to tell LGBT+ stories from both archive material and present day experiences utilising mobile filmmaking. The aim is to teach people how to begin to challenge the narrative in LGBT+ films by developing skills to create an LGBT+ film for themselves and to tell their own stories using their own smartphone. Queer Media believe that through utilising this technology to tell our own stories we can ultimately change the world one story at a time!

This 1-day workshop is kindly made possible by Heritage Lottery Fund project 'Life’s a Drag', and is being held at the People’s History Museum who are marking the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act with their 'Never Going Underground' exhibition. Life’s a Drag is a project developed by artist Jez Dolan to explore and celebrate the history of drag in Manchester, which aims to engage people in exploring this important and FABULOUS aspect of LGBT life.