Jubilee Call Out

Jubilee Call Out

18 Nov

This November, our friends at The Royal Exchange Theatre are staging a free-spirited and gloriously rude reimagining of Derek Jarman's classic punk movie Jubilee. 

The Royal Exchange Theatre are looking for a group of participants to take part in the show, specifically to perform in a key scene set in an outrageous underground club venue.

They are seeking a diverse range of people – from club kids to fetish fans; queer teens to drag queens; New Romantic throwbacks to old-school riot grrrls; and old punks and young punks alike. The Royal Exchange Theatre are looking to represent a real variety of cultural backgrounds, body types, ages and styles.

If you are interested, an introductory session will be held to give you a feel for the show and see if it’s for you, and allow the team at The Royal Exchange Theatre to meet you. The final ensemble will be put together after this session.

Head to The Royal Exchange Theatre website for details on age restrictions, show content and more information.