House of Ghetto: Black Pride

House of Ghetto: Black Pride

07 Apr - 15 Jun

Vogue is a form of stylised dance and performative posture, characterised by model-like poses. Vogue arose from the Harlem ballroom scene of the late 1960s and was developed over the following decades by poor and disenfranchised African American communities, especially gay men.

A vogue ‘house’ is a collective unit or troupe of performers, presided over by a house ‘mother’, often lead choreographer and/or art director, who is able to guide, style and produce, but also gives a familial and supportive role to younger members. 

The mother of the House Of Ghetto is award-winning dancer and choreographer, Darren Pritchard, who has collaborated with photographer Cornel Simons of fotocad to produce a series of portraits of the House Of Ghetto dancers using a black primer as both a backdrop and exaggerated flesh tone combined with distinctive African Diaspora hairstyles which incorporate the colours of the LGBT Pride flag to create 'Black Pride', an aesthetic celebration of black gay culture.

Also included in the exhibition is 'Dark Matter', a striking video installation and accompanying stills from the forthcoming feature documentary 'Deep In Vogue' which explores contemporary vogue.

The exhibition launches with a free event on Friday 7 April and runs until Thursday 15 June 2017 at the Granada Foundation Galleries 1 & 2, HOME, Manchester.

Curated by Bren O’Callaghan and Darren Pritchard
Portrait series by Cornel Simons of fotocad
Hair by Darren Hamilton
Make-up by Chantelle Duncan
'Dark Matter' directed by Amy Watson & Dennis Keighron-Foster