27th August 2015 @ 06:10pm

Part of the POUTFest 2015 tour:

UK director Colin Rothbart in his feature film debut rips off the wigs and wipes away the mascara to find the real people behind the figureheads of East London’s much-hyped alternative drag scene. Following in the tradition of Paris Is Burning and The Cockettes , DRESSED AS A GIRL paints a compelling London portrait that pulls audiences beyond the performances into a mesmerising and previously inaccessible underworld.

Filmed over six years and following six cult stars as they swim against the tide (Jonny Woo, Holestar, Scottee, Amber, Pia Arber and John Sizzle). The film follows the literal highs andgraphic lows of this popular tribe, revealing the personal struggles of each heroine. Dressed as a Girl demonstrates how the power of friendship can ensure survival against all odds, and how individualism is a group activity. These radical, iconic, players come together to form a sturdy house of cards, and no matter how high the tide is – there’s always a laugh to be had.

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