Breaking The Code

Breaking The Code

28 Oct - 19 Nov

The amazing story of Alan Turing - a man who broke the code in all his walks of life. 

In the leafy surroundings of Bletchley Park at the height of the Second World War, a brilliant young mathematician called Alan Turing was working away at a problem. The creation of a machine. A machine that would crack the German Enigma code and win Britain the war.

In the aftermath of victory, Turing arrived in Manchester with an even bigger task in mind – the development of the modern computer. It would be a task he left unfinished, publically humiliated and destroyed by the revelation of his sexuality and prosecution for indecency.

Hugh Whitemore’s classic play intertwines an account of Turing's most heroic hour with the story of his betrayal and neglect by the nation he had helped in its darkest hour.

Robert Hastie, (Artistic Director, Sheffield Theatres) directs BAFTA winning Daniel Rigby (ERIC AND ERNIE) in the first major revival of this play for 30 years, finally bringing Turing’s story to Manchester, the city where Turing lived and did some of his most important work. He says:

‘I've always been fascinated by the story of Alan Turing. There are very few individuals who have made as great a contribution to our lives today than this brilliant, complicated, stubborn, gay mathematician.

He not only cracked the code which changed the course of the Second World War, he was also more responsible than anyone for the development of modern computing. The work he did in Manchester after the war laid the foundations for the laptop or mobile device...To tell this story in the city where he worked and died is tremendously exciting.’